SecuriSync – Backup / File Sharing Solution

SecuriSync is a 2-in-1 file sharing and backup client that helps keep your business connected and secure. Share files with your employees safely and quickly without the use of two programs. SecuriSync backups give you peace of mind in that all of your company’s information is secure and backed up in the cloud. SecuriSync also integrates with Office 365 allowing your company to share and update Office files with ease.

2-in-1 Solution

SecuriSync is a file sharing solution and a backup solution. Share files instantly with your employees to keep everyone on the same page. Keep all your files secure and in the cloud to ensure full file security.

Full Cloud Backup

All your files will be saved in the cloud which allows you to recover them in the event of an attack. Having cloud backup is more secure than hard backup because it can be recovered and synced to any workstation at any time. In the event of a ransomware attack, SecuriSync will save your company time and money.

Office Integration

Integrate SecuriSync with Office 365 and see the possibilities this creates for your company. This integration gives your company a new and secure way to collaborate. Update and maintain documents, spreadsheets, and powerpoints in real time with your team.

Real-time Backup

Real-time file backup & point-in-time restore for PCs and Macs • Protects files & enables business continuity during ransomware outbreaks

Syncing, Sharing, and Collaboration

Access, edit and share files from any desktop or mobile device • Simple and intuitive • Powerful admin controls


At-rest and in-transit encryption • Remote wipe capabilities • 99.999% uptime guarantee


Admin visibility and control includes audit logs, one-click deployment for Intermedia customers, and other management features.

24/7 Expert Support

Microsoft Certified technicians • 24/7 phone and chat • Typical hold times of 60 seconds or less

99.999% Financially Backed SLA

Our service level agreement guarantees less than 30 seconds of monthly unplanned downtime.

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