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Not all clouds were created equal. We will build your cloud right, with the best balance of expense and tech capability.

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noctem managed services
  • Device Managment

    Company cell phones and tablets? We’ve got you covered! We can manage all your company devices and increase their efficiency, security, and your piece of mind. We keep up with who has what where, and keep your confidential data safe.

  • Remote Maintenance

    Having an issue with your PC or Laptop? Most issues today can be quickly fixed remotely, so you don’t have to wait for a technician to drive there. Saving you time and money. We are an IT company in Greensboro but we can help you from anywhere!

  • Security & Backups

    In most cases, your data, IS your business, so we take it as seriously as you do. We keep all of your devices secure, up to date, and most importantly, backed up. We monitor and protect for viruses, manage your backups, and create recovery plans in case disaster ever strikes.


Noctem Solutions has the knowledge and experience to tackle almost any technological issue your business faces. We work with, insurance companies, schools, doctor’s offices, CPA’s, manufacturing companies, and more. It doesn’t matter if your office has 5 people, or 50, we have solutions that will work for you, and give you the ability to not only get work done, but to grow. Call our IT company in Greensboro for a free consult today!

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