Simplified All-In-One IT Solution

Looking to cut long term technology expenditures but still have an extremely reliable system? Look no further.  

We Provide the Equipment

If something breaks, we replace it with no cost to you.

With all of the equipment included in your contract, this saves you from having to shell out thousands in upfront equipment costs. Our solutions are designed to perform well and save you money. Your monthly seat rate covers equipment and serves as a lifetime warranty. If a computer, monitor, or phone dies, we come out and quickly replace it for no additional cost.

  • Small But Powerful Computers

    Our micro computers are easy to fit in to your work space. They may be small but they pack a punch and run your cloud platform perfectly.

  • High Definition Monitors

    Our high definition monitors provide crisp, high definition display. No more dealing with old, dim monitors that are hard on your eyes.

  • Ultra Elegant Desk Phones

    The desk phones that we provide give you perfect sound quality and an intuitive layout that makes taking your business calls stress free.

A Cloud Built Just For You

All of your business apps in one secure place.

Every business has different needs. Noctem Solutions takes time developing your cloud to be the perfect fit for your business. We work with you to create the perfect cloud computing platform to keep your business running smoothly. All of your data is backed up, secure, and easily accessible from anywhere.

But Wait.. There’s More..

  • Business Email

    We’ve got your covered. Your business email will be hosted in the cloud and available from anywhere.

  • File Sharing & Data Backups

    Our file sharing and data backup solution will keep your data secure and allow you to share across your organization.

  • Business Applications

    Get your work done in a more productive manner with some of the worlds most popular productivity applications.

  • Remote & On-Site Support

    Support for your all-in-one environment is included both remotely and on-site and only serviced by 100% local technicians.

  • Simplified Pricing

    With our per seat pricing model, you don’t have to worry about complex bills riddled with surprise charges.

  • Lifetime Equipment Warranty

    If something breaks, we will quickly replace the device at no additional cost to you. No more costly computer replacements.

Ready to cut your IT costs?

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