File Sharing and Backups

Every team needs a solution for sharing files and collaborating on work. Noctem Solution has two different answers to this problem. We will work with you to figure out the best solution for your team so you can share the data you need to share and work more efficiently. Our solutions also ensure that your data is backed up, secure in the cloud, and always accessible from anywhere.


Your data. Anywhere.

With our file sharing and backup solutions, you can access your data from any device at any location with you login information. No more flash keys or trips back to the office to get data from your work computer. Your data goes with you.

Easy Disaster Recovery

No more relying on mechanical hard drives that will eventually fail. Store all of your important data in the cloud and quickly recover it in the event of a disaster. When you work with Noctem, your data is always safe and easily recoverable.

Increase team efficiency.

Our solutions make team file sharing a breeze. With features like team drives, personal drives, office integration and more, we simplify the file sharing and team collaboration process so you can focus on efficiency and productivity. Work smarter with Noctem.

We grow with you.

As your teams and business grow, our solutions grow with you. With our file sharing solutions, we can easily add users, provide them with the files they need, and get them integrated quickly. Finally, a file-sharing system that scales with you.

Interested in an all-in-one IT solution that includes file sharing and backups? Look no further.

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