SIP Trunking

What is it?

Usually a business is paying per-line basis for physical phone lines; these are costly. You invest a lot from the beginning for these and it only becomes more expensive as your company expands. SIP Trunking allows these physical, costly phone lines to be routed through your Internet saving money.

How do I save?

  • Consolidate your voice and data traffic.
  • You no longer have to pay the expensive line rate from your phone provider.
  • Cut your costs by 60%! No loss in the capacity of your business to make and receive calls, nor the quality of those calls.
  • Your reliability will improve from avoiding the┬áseverity of a local outages.

Is my equipment compatible?

We will definitely help you determine whether your system is compatible! Most newer phone systems are automatically compatible for SIP Trunking. Some older phone systems may require a device called VoIP Gateway which helps translate analog and digital calls into VoIP.

Kyle WeekleySIP Trunking